Oracle SQL for Report Writers This course gives a basic introduction to Oracle`s version of SQL, focusing on the select statement for use within reports. This will be relevant for all versions of the database, from 8i onwards. Designed to introduce concepts and functionality in an accessible and friendly format, the course has been prepared to assist report writers understand what reporting tools will do behind the scenes and is aimed at those using any reporting tool that generates SQL.
Oracle Database: SQL I Introduction Learning the SQL language is one of the key tasks required for the use of a relational database. SQL proficiency is essential for business users, database developers, database administrators and any other database professional. This course introduces the basics of the SQL language and the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Participants become acquainted with the differences in the working environment between a traditional on-premises database installation and the Oracle database service cloud-computing platform. This course incorporates data modeling theory, relational database theory, graphical depictions of theoretical concepts and numerous examples of actual SQL syntax into one learning.
Oracle Database: SQL II Intermediate This course builds upon the prerequisite introductory course and considers intermediate-level SQL topics such as writing database queries using the SQL-99 syntax and exploiting the power of built-in functions that extend the capabilities of SQL. You will learn how to complete an application schema definition by creating database objects such as relational views, sequences, synonyms, indexes and others to compliment the table definitions. The crucial topic of data integrity and how this is protected using declarative constraints is covered.
Oracle Database: PL/SQL I Introduction This course introduces participants to Oracle database programming using the PL/SQL programming language. You will learn the syntax, structure and features of the language. This course will also lay the foundation to allow you to progress from introductory topics to advanced application design and programming and finally onto writing complex high-performance applications.

PL/SQL may be considered as one of the key skill sets required for any Oracle professional, nearly as important as the SQL language itself.

Oracle Database: PL/SQL II Intermediate: Develop Program Units This course is intended for those who have already learned the basics of the Oracle PL/SQL database programming language and its syntax, and who are now ready to employ the language in the development of database applications. In particular, the focus of this course will be on the use of database-resident stored program units such as procedures, functions, packages and database triggers.